East Coast Center

This building is a multi-purpose 1200 SF building on the site of the existing East Coast Center in Wauchula.

Wauchula, Florida

Funded for an addition to the center but, after realizing the existing building did not lend itself to an addition (mainly due to site and set back conditions), I decided to build a freestanding building that features a large porch facing the playground, a large room with an acoustical folding wall (yet to be installed) that allows the room to be used as either an infant/toddler room and a meeting room OR a preschool room. It also features a large storage/laundry room - something almost all Centers lack. Architecturally, it's a box that I exploded to allow entry and a double sloped flat roof that intersects the box on both sides. This looks easy, but, trust me, it's not. (professional architect - do not try this at home). All good architecture, or any artistic endeavor, for that matter, has a unique and distinct personality that communicates to the observer. I like the maturity and confidence of this building. And the Mexican swan that calmly watches over it all.