Deer Creek Senior Housing

H and F Architects has designed elderly housing in over 10 locations throughout their career. Funding includes HUD 202 projects, the Florida Tax Credit Program, and even private sources for market rate projects.

Gainesville, Florida

Our latest elderly housing community is a 62 unit subsidized senior housing project in Gainesville, Florida, funded by the Florida Tax Credit program. Our goal was to reinvent this building type from the cookie cutter solutions that the program encourages by making marketing unnecessary due to the subsidized rents – usually about 60% of the private sector apartments – which makes any individuality or unusual design not even a remote consideration to the mostly private sector developers who compete and obtain most of the funds each year. This project was funded by a nonprofit housing company – Rural Neighborhoods – who, unlike most nonprofits, had the funds for predevelopment costs. We approached the design, not as temporary housing for low-income elderly persons, but as the final homes most of the tenants will ever have until they need assisted living. As such, we made an esthetic that expresses 62 individual homes with distinct and unusual paths to each apartment. Completed in 2022, it is fully occupied with a waiting list for apartments. In addition, H and F has built 5 HUD 202 elderly housing projects in Southern and Southwest Florida, the latest